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Forget lip service.

With over $200,000 and counting donated towards women’s issues, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

What is the Makeup Tax? 

“As a junior in college, I learned a statistic that has stuck with me ever since: On average, women will spend over $15,000 on makeup over the course of their lives. 


Given our socio-economic climate, this Makeup Tax has not sat well with me.


Why should everyday people make such substantial contributions to faceless corporations? Businesses with no interest, care, or even acknowledgement for the women’s issues that we as a society face.”


-Katie Sones, Founder

While beauty trends may come and go we believe pushing for equality should always be in vogue. Makeup companies have a responsibility. We’re leading the movement. Giving isn’t gimmickit’s who we are. 

For every product you purchase, we donate to fight for women’s issues and make the Makeup Tax work for us.