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Activism, meet beauty.

We’re here to challenge what a beauty company can do, be, and say.

"My fascination with beauty began when I was 10. By college I decided to pursue a degree in packaging design. However, my story took a turn when Trump won the 2016 election. His threats of defunding support networks for women nationwide lead to me trading in my classes for political rallies. 


Call me crazy, but on the night of Trump’s inauguration, I decided to take a stand. I opened up my laptop and my makeup bag, and I got to work. 


That night, from the floor of my dorm room, I set out to bridge the gap between activism and beauty. I was fueled by the belief that beauty could empower people to fight the issues affecting their communities through everyday purchases. This idea lead to a lipstick—F*ck Trump. 


Despite the insults, the hate mail, and the death threats, I have never compromised on this vision. To this day, for every product you purchase Lipslut donates to to fight for women’s issues. 


I believe changing the world begins one face at a time. That’s why Lipslut creates talking point products that are vegan, cruelty-free, and that make the Makeup Tax work for us. Since that fateful night, this little grassroots brand has gone on to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of women’s organizations nationwide."